Moon City Online Reading Series

In response to COVID-19’s disruption of live literary readings in 2020, Moon City Press created a YouTube channel to provide an outlet through which its authors could present video readings.

Moon City Press

Clayton Adam Clark reads from A Finitude of Skin

Jeannine Hall Gailey reads from Field Guide to the End of the World

Kathy Goodkin reads from Crybaby Bridge

Trudy Lewis reads from The Empire Rolls

Amanda Marbais reads from Claiming a Body

Mary Troy reads from Swimming on Hwy N

Steve Yates reads from Morkan’s Quarry

Moon City Review 2020

Danielle Burnette reads “Clean” and “Rear View”

Justin Jannise reads “What I’m Into”

Marcia LeBeau reads “Why I Skipped My Poetry Workshop for Blow-Drying Boot Camp” and “Training”

Tessa Livingstone reads “Traveling Along the Trace” and “Edinburgh, 1948”

Liz Marlow reads “Elegy for the Orphans in Minsk”

Jessica Mehta reads “Horn OK Please”

A.R. Robins reads “When I Need It”

Leigh Camacho Rourks reads “Eighty-Five Days After the Second Ship Cast Its Shadow”

Catherine Uroff reads “Connecticut Was Closing”

Jennifer Wortman reads “Not the Kind of Girl”

Moon City Review 2019

Hussain Ahmed reads “Shadows”

Ian Denning reads “Drawing of a Spaceship Breaking Up Over the Moon”

Maggie Graber reads “Why I Shouldn’t Be an FBI Special Agent”

Lana Spendl reads “As God Intended”

Ellen Stone reads “Hand me down”

Virginia Watts reads “When Christmas Dawns”

Allison Wyss reads “Boobman”

Moon City Review 2018

Jason Teal reads “The Other Side of the Mirror of Lies”

Moon City Review 2017

L.W. Nicholson reads “Persimmons on Planet Earth”

Kendra Tanacea reads “Diagnosis”