Moon City Review 2023

Moon City Review 2022

The 2022 issue includes writers such as Sudha Balagopal, A.J. Bermudez, Laure Blauner, Danit Brown, Jim Daniels, Cherie Hunter Day, Tommy Dean, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Gary Finke, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Michele Finn Johnson, Gary Leising, Michael Meyerhofer, Travis Mossotti, Pedro Ponce, Noley Reid, Ryan Ridge, Cathy Ulrich, Tara Isabel Zambrano, Lucy Zhang, and many, many more.

Moon City Review 2021

This issue includes voices such as Amanda Auchter, Wendy Barker, María Alejandra Barrios, Roy Bentley, Andrew Bertaina, Ace Boggess, Meagan Cass, Pat Daneman, Ed Falco, Kathy Goodkin, Alyse Knorr, Erica Plouffe Lazur, Nancy Chen Long, Kim Magowan, Matthew Pitt, Michelle Ross, Bret Shepard, Noel Sloboda, Anthony Varallo, Siamak Vossoughi, Laura Lee Washburn, Charles Harper Webb, Gabe Welsch, Jeremy T. Wilson, and many others.

Moon City Review 2020


Garrett Ashley “You Just Have to Know They’re Very Sensitive”
Melissa Benton Barker “Tomorrow Morning”
Hanna Bartels “One, Two”
Danielle Burnette “Clean”
Danielle Burnette “Collections”
Danielle Burnette “Rear View”
Rebecca Fishow “As if in Prayer”
Caroljean Gavin “Barren”
Jennifer A. Howard “Flat Stanley is so often at the post office”
Jennifer A. Howard “Flat Stanley reads Agatha Christie”
Kim Magowan “Women on the Sidelines”
John McNally “Catch and Release”
Amelia Morand “Wimpy”
Elizabeth Nonemaker “Blue Desert”
A.R. Robins “When I Need It”
Michelle Ross “Fishbowl”
Leigh Camacho Rourks “Eighty-Five Days After …”
Caitlin Rae Taylor “The Laurel County Clergy Demolition Derby”
Catherine Uroff “Connecticut Was Closing”
Jennifer Wortman “Not the Kind of Girl”
Rosetta Young “Delinquent Palaces”


Gale Acuff “Let Me Call You”
Walter Bargen “Swing of Things”
B.J. Best “from ‘Ornithoncology’”
Melissa Boston “Pastime: A narrative”
Savannah Bradley “Service of the Light”
A.M. Brant “Before the Iron”
Jason Lee Brown “Fresh Stimulation”
Sarah Browning “A Beautiful Evening for Baseball …”
Justin Carter “Memory in Which We Stare Through the Window …”
Clayton Adam Clark “Algal Bloom”
Mary Christine Delea “John Steinbeck Delivers My Mail”
Regina DiPerna “The Midwestern Book of the Dead”
Dawn Dupler “Opossum”
Taylor Fedorchak “Wanting to drive to Roswell with him”
Jeannine Hall Gailey “Every Time I Take Another Cancer Test, I Feel the Universe”
Jeannine Hall Gailey “July 5, 2019”
Jeannine Hall Gailey “Self-Portrait as Fifties Hygiene Film”
John Gallaher “Elegy for the Oil Industry”
Justin Jannise “What I’m Into”
Christen Noel Kauffman “They Took the First Photo of …”
Danielle Kotrla “Dead Dog Corridor”
Marcia LeBeau “Training”
Gary Leising “Something’s in the Yard, Moving”
Elizabeth Leo “A Method to Push Back, Hard”
Tessa Livingstone “Edinburgh, 1948”
Tessa Livingstone “Traveling Along the Trace”
Angie Macri “In the garden without trees,”
Liz Marlow “Elegy for the Orphans in Minsk”
Autumn McClintock “Houses”
Jessica Mehta “Horn OK Please”
Owen Neace “Holding Back Elegy”
William Palomo “The Coming of Your Firstborn …”
Kimberly Ann Priest “The Scrape”
Rebecca Schumejda “Peel”
Rebecca Schumejda “Sweet Fruit”
Karaline Stamper “Let’s Not Talk About the Feathers”
Daryl Sznyter “Over Coffee”
Nancy Takacs “Making Up”
Hannah V Warren “Slipping Between Dimensions …”
Sam Herschel Wein “I Showed You a Poem About …”
Terin Weinberg “Sonnet (1)”


Kathryn M. Barber “Whiskey River Blues”
J.A. Bernstein “Northern Cowboy”
Maggie Dove “Every Time My Mother Dies”
Andy Smart “A Numbers Game”

Graphic Narrative:

G.H. Yamauchi “Coconuts Land on Sand; Buckeyes Fall Into Dirt”


Hasan Alizadeh “Letter” (Translated from the Persian by Rebecca Ruth Gould and Kayvan Tahmasebian)

The Missouri State University Student Literary Competitions:

Amelia Fisher “July 19, 2018”
Amelia Fisher “Why I Like Bad Boys According to the PCL-5”
Madison Green “The Housefly’s Head, Thorax, and Abdomen”

Moon City Review 2019


Samuel J Adams “The Roving Clap’n’Taps’ Farewell Show”
Whitney Collins “The Nest”
Tammy Delatorre “The Baby Garden”
Ian Denning “Drawing of a Spaceship Breaking Up Over the Moon”
Dana Diehl & Melissa Goodrich “The School Mascot”
Sarah Freligh “Rummage”
Melissa Goodrich & Dana Diehl “The School Mascot”
Joseph Harris “You’re in the Wrong Place”
Dustin M. Hoffman “The Life Net”
Sarah Layden “The Jumper”
Amanda Marbais “Tell Me”
Brianna McNish “Little Houses”
Alyssa Proujansky “Pin a Person to the Earth”
Allison Wyss “Boobman”


Hussain Ahmed “Shadows”
Rachel Barton “A Time of Reckoning”
Anthony Borruso “Sad Little Anthony”
Anthony Borruso “Staten Island”
Dakota Canon “All the Missing Children”
Jim Daniels “Pinned”
Michelle Donahue “Feeding Crows”
Kate Hanson Foster “Knead”
M. Brett Gaffney “Blood”
Tony Gloeggler “Holiday Music”
Maggie Graber “Why I Shouldn’t Be an FBI Special Agent”
Jonathan Greenhause “Getting Organized”
Jonathan Greenhause “Longevity”
Kathleen Hellen “Wonderboy”
Donald Illich “Against Hammers”
Nancy Chen Long “Why I Should Love”
BJ Love “The Question Then Is How to Love”
Loria Mendoza “Black Fish”
Scarlett Peterson “Dismemberment”
Scarlett Peterson “Frivolity”
Mary Schmitt “Job Speaks to Betty, the Organizer of His Book Tour”
Mary Schmitt “Watching Hills, and the Trees”
Simon Shieh “in which I go with him”
Lana Spendl “As God Intended”
Sophia Starmack “The Mess”
Ellen Stone “Hand me down”
Cammy Thomas “Accounting”
Preeti Vangani “Textbook & Desire”
Charles Harper Webb “Remove Child Before Folding”
Ross White “There’s a Void and It Needed a Villain”
Allyson Young “Nell as Cat Ballou”
Allyson Young “Nell at Girl Scout Camp”


Laurie Blauner “We Can Talk About That”
Virginia Watts “When Christmas Dawns”
Jonathan Winston Jones “Willa Cather’s Ghost”


Jonathan Minila “We Even Look Like Family” (Translated from the Spanish by Will Stockton)
Laura Ponce “Paulina” (Translated from the Spanish by Toshiya Kamei)

The Missouri State University Student Literary Competitions:

Amanda Hadlock “Death Only Happens Once in a Lifetime” (nonfiction)
David Herghelegiu “The First Baptism, The Last Amen” (poetry)
Taylor Jim Sly “Pants on Fire” (fiction)

Moon City Review 2018

Adrianne Beer “Gypsy Moths”
Thomas Cardamone “Stormy Skies on the Galactic Front”
Susan Frith “By the Blackgum Tree”
Emma Johnson-Rivard “Monologue for Flo Polillo, Third Victim of the Butcher of Kingsbury Run (1936)”
Karla Keffer “Looking for Ethel”
Clayton Krollman “Hierophants”
Saul Lemerond “Acadiana Orange Groves”
Wendy Oleson “Suffocate”
Leslie Pietrzyk “The Favorite”
A.R. Robins “Someplace to Be”
Gage Saylor “Kernals”
Lucas Southworth “This Neighborhood”
Jason Teal “The Other Side of the Mirror of Lies”
Mary Troy “Butter Cakes”
Giovanna Varela “Local Girls, 2001”
Giovanna Varela “Orange World”
Walter Bargen “Satellite Weather”
Alyse Bensel “Sit-Upon”
Roy Bentley “Janis Joplin”
Melissa Boston “I have fantasies about the post office worker on 8th St.”
Jo Brachman “Matriarch”
Jennifer Bullis “Great-Grandmother in the Woods (Grossoto, Lombardy, c. 1902”
Jennifer Bullis “Grandmother in the Woods (Washoe Valley, Nevada, c. 1920”
Jennifer Bullis “Landscape with Supplication and Art Supplies”
Robin Cedar “I Was Fourteen When I Found the Shoe”
Clayton Adam Clark “Ouroboric”
Charlotte Covey “in which i actually get what i thought i wanted”
Debra Kang Dean “Out of Bo(u)nds”
Debra Kang Dean “Rearing”
Shelby Dale DeWeese “We Three Queens”
Lukas Ray Hall “the way it dies”
Eileen Hennessy “Field”
Rosalind Kaliden “Rot”
Ronald Koertge “Life on the Farm”
Ted Lardner “Autobiography with Some Cows on a Road in Michigan Passing Through It”
Gary Leising “PanicCrow”
Danèlle Lejeune “(Mary) Celeste”
George Looney “Not Even a Decent Wind to Blame”
Naomi Ruth Lowinsky “Translations from Childhood”
Wyatt McMurry “I’m Sailing Away”
Melissa Atkinson Mercer “ghost exhibit 4.1”
Michael Meyerhofer “Lamentation from the Produce Aisle”
Emily O’Neill “broke (alone) at amateur hour”
Aza Pace “Tigers at 1 a.m.”
Ricardo Pau-Llosa “Manger”
Simon Perchik “From inches away his finger can’t miss”
Lizzy Petersen “Social Media Platform”
Elizabeth Rees “Across from a Woman Trying to Read The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind on the C Train”
henry 7. reneau, jr. “a dog’s tail”
Ron Riekki “Leaving, for the Military”
Jacki Rigoni “A Question for the Spider”
Joshua Michael Stewart “Confederate Flag Shot Glass”
Barbara Varanka “Añejo”
Barbara Varanka “Spaghetti Western”
Charles Harper Webb “To Bang His Head Against the Wall”
Gabriel Welsch “The Lake People”
Lesley Wheeler “Says the Cab Driver of the Apocalypse”
William Woolfitt “Moonshine Blues, St. Louis Blues”
Aholaah Arzah “The Dog is a Ghost”
Nick Christian “Ain’t Nothing but a Stranger in This World”
Kirby Wright “The Fight of the Century”
Hisham Bustani “Solitude” (Translated from the Arabic by maia tabet)
Astrid Cabral “The Circle” (Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin)
Astrid Cabral “Trochanter” (Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin)

Moon City Review 2017

Sarah Broderick “Greetings From the New River Gorge”
Thomas Shipp Burnett “The Anvil of the Sea”
Karen Donovan “A Gothic Tale” (Selected for The Best Small Fictions 2018)
Karen Donovan “Levi Catches a Hedgehog”
Matt Dube “Paletas”
John Gifford “Power Seat”
Benjamin Harnett “The Snap”
Dwight Hilson “Royal Ruby Reds”
Andy Jameson “High Plains Drifter”
Tara Kipnees “Never Say Never”
Kim Magowan “Pop Goes the Weasel”
Jason Namey “Barked Hoarse at a Bottom-Lit Pool”
L.W. Nicholson “Persimmons on Planet Earth”
Daniel Paul “The Difficulties of Loving in Phase Space”
Evelyn Somers “The Mistake”
J. David Stevens “The Babies”
Ian Woollen “Repeatable Sequence #2”
Tara Isabel Zambrano “20 mph”
Sayuri Ayers “Love Fossil”
Walter Bargen “After the operation”
Walter Bargen “A Different Prayer”
Marty Carlock “Women Traveling Alone”
Steven Chung “Lake-Effect Snow”
Pat Daneman “Overdue”
John Paul Davis “Ode to My Potbelly”
Wendy Drexler “Untitled Photo #9 From a Crimean Diary, Circa 1920”
Sarah Freligh “The Pedophile’s Wife”
Sarah Freligh “Why I Despise the Martini”
Kerri French “32 Weeks”
Sheri Gabbert “What do I know?”
Katherine Gordon “Truth Tables in the Seventh Grade”
Erin Jones “Remembering Winter”
Sam Killmeyer “Postcard to Riley, Kansas, March 22, 1910”
Angie Macri “As the city trees are dying, they build a jewel box”
Angie Macri “Eight arches hold the weight”
Michael Meyerhofer “Adjunct”
Michael Meyerhofer “The Dying Breed”
Terry Minchow-Proffitt “Killdeer”
Travis Mossotti “Narcissus Americana”
Alita Pirkopf “Rain Forest at the Botanic Gardens”
Ösel Jessica Plante “When I Come Back From the Dead”
Reba Rice “Atheism and Creation”
Staci R. Schoenfeld “The Alligator Girl Becomes”
Noel Sloboda “Monuments”
Kendra Tanacea “Diagnosis”
Laura Lee Washburn “Faces”
Charles Harper Webb “Nearly Invisible Man”
Margot Wizansky “Repentant”
Tara Isabel Zambrano “Flawed”
Mallory Chesser “Sin, Guilt, and Casserole”
John McNally “Courting Disaster”
Bronisław Wildstein “Susanna” (Translated from the Polish by Christopher Adam Zakrzewski)


Moon City Review 2016

MCR16 front cover

B.J. Best “No Good Movies”
B.J. Best “Temporary Cough”
Susan Taylor Chehak “Felicity”
Michael Don “Forever Twenty-Two”
Laura Hendrix Ezell “Fugue”
Gary Joshua Garrison “Negatives”
Joe Giordano “Willie Mays Was My Favorite Player”
Stephen Jarrett “Rupture”
Savannah Johnston “Carrion”
Katie McGinnis “The Fox Woman at Karachi Gardens”
Michael Ramberg “Last King of the Gorilla Suits”
Lee Ann Roripaugh “Meta / Couch”
Michelle Ross “Rattlesnake Roundup”
Marvin Shackelford “Angels, Exiled”
A. A. Weiss “Challenger” (Received a Special Mention in the 2018 Pushcart Prize Anthology)
Glen Armstrong “The Bedside Book of Hollow Victory”
Tricia Asklar “Drop Day”
Melissa Boston “Thinking of Rain: Las Cruces”
Sarah Browning “A Christmas Story I Want to Tell You”
Sarah Browning “The Fort”
Sarah Browning “Gratitude Challenge”
Andrew Collard “I Knew a Man”
Andrew Collard “Kid Gloves”
Reese Conner “Thank You”
Jeff Coomer “1:00-2:00 A.M.”
Andrew Cox “Something Moved in the Attic and It’s Big”
Jim Daniels “The Many Doors”
Jim Daniels “The Security of CDs”
John Davis “Balancing”
Nandini Dhar “After Bergman”
Sean Thomas Dougherty “Lighthouse Road”
Sean Thomas Dougherty “Psalm of the Working Poor”
Jeannine Hall Gailey “An Introduction to Salvation”
Jeannine Hall Gailey “Notes From Before the Apocalypse”
Sara Graybeal “Point Breeze, 2015”
Sara Graybeal “Where else for my eyes”
Mark Irwin “What did you do today? How long will it last? Will you remember?”
Andrew Koch “Year of the Teenage Witch”
Marcia LeBeau “A Car Called Poem”
Marcia LeBeau “Why I Skipped My Poetry Workshop for Blow-Drying Boot Camp”
Sandra Marchetti “Extras”
Jennifer Met “Fallout”
Sarah Fawn Montgomery “The Lake”
Nancy Carol Moody “A Flint in a Slipper Buried Under Glass”
Caridad Moro-Gronlier “Fourth Quarter”
Ron Riekki “Finding Out the Good News”
David Sloan “After the Wash”
Marc Tretin “The Wireless Phone That Was Dropped Down the Stairs”
William Trowbridge “Death Recounts His Family History”
William Trowbridge “Serendipity”
Laura Bernstein-Machlay “Clutter”
Shawna Ervin “Beyond Facts: Truth in Art”
Alex M. Frankel “What a San Franzisko Life”
Mike Nagel “Pink Plastic Flamingos”
John Picard “The Accordion Polka”

Moon City Review 2015


Matt Cashion “What to Do When Your Spouse Is Burning”
Jessica Forcier “Climbers”
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois “Sacrament”
Britt Haraway “Lilly the Kid”
Gabriel Houck “Homecoming”
Allegra Hyde “Chevalier”
Leonard Kress “Boginski Finds a Bride”
Jill Kronstadt “Fault Lines”
Cate McGowan “Let Go”
Curtis Smith “Illusion” (Featured in The Best Small Fictions 2016)
Pablo Piñero Stillmann “The First Man in Space”
Shane Stricker “The Kingdom of God Is Within You”
Shelly Weathers “Drafts”
Hananah Zaheer “A Video Store Called Desire”
Michael Albright “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”
John Andrews “Tallahassee Rain”
Kate Belew “Go Down to the River”
Roy Bentley “WD8RBB”
Jennifer Jackson Berry “Fair”
Ace Boggess “Something Important”
Kevin Boyle “Emigrant”
Kevin Boyle “The Word of God”
Jo Brachman “Suspended”
Grant Clauser “Séance”
Brian Clifton “I’ve Become, He Said, Wary of Quick Things”
Kelly Davio “In the Infusion Center,”
Kelly Davio “Pantoum for Someone Else’s Child”
David Ebenbach “Nice All Day”
Katherine Frain “A Southern Cold”
Jeannine Hall Gailey “Interpreting Signs in Appalachia”
Alex Vartan Gubbins “The Art of Recognizing Signs of Suicide”
Wei He “Pulp Fiction”
Julie Henson “Psalm for the Good Girl a Year Ago”
Jane Huffman “Cleopatra III”
Donald Illich “Misdirection”
Ken Letko “Jack”
Joddy Murray “Zebras Frighten Easily”
Jason Olsen “Potato Chips”
Jeff Pearson “Honda CR-X Fastback”
Charlotte Pence “Ozymandias and Ye”
Tatiana Forero Puerta “Orphan Love”
Mary Quade “Amish Boy Gesturing at the Road”
Mary Quade “Measuring Exposure”
Mary Quade “The Middle-School Cheerleader”
Michael Robins “Paris of the Plains”
Marjorie Stelmach “Complaint of the Dark Matter”
Rob Talbert “Field Trip”
Eugenie Theall “Embrace”
Eugenie Theall “Evelyn Nesbit Contemplates”
Jen Town “My Love in the Manner of Soviet Espionage”
William Trowbridge “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue…”
Charles Harper Webb “Half in Love With Easeful Death”
Charles Harper Webb “Hungry”
Changming Yuan “Frogs in the Fog”
Matthew Ferrence “Blooding”
Melissa Frederick “Dead”
Patricia Heim “Becoming a Woman: A Requiem”
Paul Arrand Rodgers “020. Raticate”
Paul Arrand Rodgers “124. Jynx”
Kirby Wright “House of Lies”
Salgado Maranhão “The Link” (Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin)
Salgado Maranhão “Poetry” (Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin)
Ana Merino “Indifference” (Translated from the Spanish by Toshiya Kamei)

Moon City Review 2014


Vanessa Blakeslee “Stand By to Disembark”
Jim Ray Daniels “Survivor’s Guilt”
Matthew Fogarty “Meteors”
Matthew Fogarty “We Are Swimmers”
Megan Giddings “Roy Orbison Saved From Heart Failure”
Khanh Ha “The River of White Water Lilies”
Zeke Jarvis “Crying Class”
George Looney “A Very Old Music”
Conor Robin Madigan “Reasons for Loving”
Amanda Marbais “Bottle Rockets”
Alex Mattingly “Alfred, Lord Pennyduck”
Jon Chaiim McConnell “Salvage”
Bryan Merck “Fiery Chariot”
Phong Nguyen “The Story of Ill-Begotten”
J.T. Robertson “The Dodo, the Balance, and the Bee”
Amber Sparks “Prayer For Very Thirsty Souls Who Are Out of Beer After the Liquor Stores Have Closed”
Amber Sparks “Prayer for Video Game Characters Who Are Running Out of Hit Points Right in the Middle of the Last Boss Fight”
Danilo Thomas “The Steeling”
Matthew Vollmer “Academy Girls”
KV Wilt “The Dump: Bermuda, 1960”
Albert Abonado “Cave Song”
Albert Abonado “Diagram of a Man With Very Tiny Wings”
Albert Abonado “The Last Pearl”
Albert Abonado “The Man Root”
C.D. Albin “Cicero Jack Contemplates the Heart-Stays People”
C.D. Albin “Endgame”
Emily May Anderson “Daughter”
Roy Bentley “Vengeance”
Melissa Boston “Soutine, Your Carcass
Luci Brown “Of Another Nature I Did Not Know”
Doug Paul Case “The Old Queen Has the Gym”
Lisa J. Cihlar “An Insignificant Life”
Lisa J. Cihlar “Liar”
Tim Craven “Neuroanatomy Practical”
Tim Craven “Research”
Pat Daneman “Polly’s Mother Sang Opera”
Darren C. Demaree “’What the Fuck Are You Telling Me?’”
Laura Dimmit NBC Nightly News, Live From Joplin”
Meg Eden “The Excavation”
Timothy Geiger “The Labor”
Ken Haas “God’s Widow”
Jeff Hardin “My Life According to Little Proofs Assembled”
Kristen Hemmy “On Considering Whether to Live in America: A Love Poem”
Cynthia Marie Hoffman “[I sing the alphabet]”
Amorak Huey “In Praise of Charlotte Giattina’s 1988 Monte Carlo SS”
Amorak Huey “The Letter X & the Magic Act”
Dan Lambert “The Gospel According to Rain”
Dan Lambert “Stone Disguise”
Gary Leising “The Girl With the JAKE Tattoo”
Gary Leising “Hot Tub Scene”
Keegan Lester “Numinous”
Christopher Locke “Happy”
Christopher Locke “Late Return”
George Looney “Distance as Unreliable Narrator”
George Looney “Insomnia as Accomplice”
George Looney “What Can’t Be Said, Ever”
Angie Macri “Spoon Flat, Ash Flat, Big Flat”
Nancy Carol Moody “Coffeehouse”
Nancy Carol Moody “Faith”
Richard Newman “Gift Shop at the Gates of Hell”
Naomi Shihab Nye “But What Happened to Her?”
Naomi Shihab Nye “Coming Home From School”
Naomi Shihab Nye “Houses of Depression”
Naomi Shihab Nye “You Have No New Messages”
Alan Michael Parker “Letter to the Buddha, Including an X-Ray of My Foot”
Ricardo Pau-Llosa “Didn’t Last Long”
Ricardo Pau-Llosa “Friends”
Phoebe Reeves “Fernald, Ohio”
Jenna Rindo “What Is Salvaged From My Son’s First Buck”
Brandon Rushton “Maintaining the House of a Deceased Loved One Is a Paraphrasing of the Cinematic Inheritance of Grief”
Brittney Scott “The Weight Aurora Carries”
Brian Simoneau “Each Pleasure”
Noel Sloboda “Hollywood Cemetery (Richmond VA)”
Hali Fuailelagi Sofala “Answering”
Hali Fuailelagi Sofala “Clearing”
Eve Strillacci “Patrick Kane Dreams a Night Garden With Wild Horses”
Eve Strillacci “Superstition”
Kellie Wardman “This Yin and Yang Is Good for Something”
Gabriel Welsch “Faith”
Gary Wilkens “Surfing Near Pali Gap”
Allison Doyle “Who You Are”
Amaris Feland Ketcham “Afterthoughts of the Bloom”
Jody Reale “There’s No Telling”
Katy Resch “Loss”
Geoff Watkinson “Fathers, Guns, and LSD”
Benny Andersen “To a trap” (Translated from the Danish by Michael Goldman)
Salgado Maranhão “Sea Drift IV” (Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin)
Santiago Vizcaíno “The Storm” (Translated from the Spanish by Alexis Levitin)
Julia Greene “A Telephone Conversation With Naomi Shihab Nye”

Moon City Review 2013

Moon City 2013 cover

James P. Austin “First Flood”
Matt Cashion “Awful Pretty”
Cherie Hunter Day “Flash to Bang”
Cherie Hunter Day “Reparations”
Ryan Gannon “Five Unconventional Uses for Marshmallows”
Kelly Goss “In Terms of a Whale”
Becky Hagenston “Puppet Town”
Conor Robin Madigan “Or on the Railroad”
Joe Meno “Janice Goes Swimming”
Joey R. Poole “The Big, Scary Woods”
J. David Stevens “Capsicum”
Lindsay Tigue “Pont-à-Mousson”
Court Walsh “Natasha on the Neva”
Gabriel Welsch “Shouting the Names”
Mark Wisniewski “Intentions”
Jeffrey Alfier “Black Hawk Crash, Tal Afar, Iraq, 2006”
Lori Brack “An Overture”
Lori Brack “Art History”
Sarah Carson “After you wake”
Grant Clauser “Necessary Myths”
Heather Cox “I would be your contortionist.”
Heather Cox “Letter Left on the Cusp of Our Favorite Crater”
Heather Cox “On the Moon, Every Month is December”
Chad Davidson “Casual Labor”
Trista Edwards “The Light Bulb People”
D. Gilson “Jimmy makes good coffee and I could sustain a whole library with (love) poems just for him”
Charity Gingerich “After June”
Charity Gingerich “Beauty Is a Mountain We See When Driving Our Car”
Charity Gingerich “Conflict Is the Only Way to Intimacy”
Jeff Gundy “Waterfall”
W. Todd Kaneko “Ain’t No Cage Can Hold Mad Dog Sawyer”
W. Todd Kaneko “Junkyard Dog Says Everything’s Gonna Be All Right”
Peycho Kanev “Eternal Circle”
Gerry LaFemina “Emily Roebling’s Rooster”
Gary Leising “A Sparrow in His Shopping Cart, Its”
Gary Leising “Squids Will Be Squids”
Michael Levan “Self-Portrait in a Plywood Carnival Cutout”
Rick Marlatt “An Apology for Not Waking You”
Rick Marlatt “The Lesson”
Melanie McCabe “The Mail”
Travis Mossotti “Coming of Age With Aeschylus”
Travis Mossotti “Totem”
Jed Myers “Up from LA”
R. Elena Prieto “Skyview Lake, Fourth of July”
J. Gabriel Scala “On Choosing Childlessness”
David Shumate “Chumming Around with Hemingway”
David Shumate “The Executioner”
David Shumate “Lincoln”
Erin Elizabeth Smith “Alice in Knoxville”
Sarah Wangler “Beatrice”
Francine Witte “Probably”
Neil Mathison “Dodd Narrows”
Renée K. Nicholson “In Sickness”
Chris L. Terry “The Gleam”
Benjamin Vogt “Pinus, Acer, Salix”
Carmen Váscones “Mute” (Translated from the Spanish by Alexis Levitin)
Carmen Váscones “Panoptico” (Translated from the Spanish by Alexis Levitin)
Carmen Váscones “Resistance of the Flesh” (Translated from the Spanish by Alexis Levitin)
Carmen Váscones “Vault” (Translated from the Spanish by Alexis Levitin)