Moon City Review 2021

This issue includes voices such as Amanda Auchter, Wendy Barker, María Alejandra Barrios, Roy Bentley, Andrew Bertaina, Ace Boggess, Meagan Cass, Pat Daneman, Ed Falco, Kathy Goodkin, Alyse Knorr, Erica Plouffe Lazur, Nancy Chen Long, Kim Magowan, Matthew Pitt, Michelle Ross, Bret Shepard, Noel Sloboda, Anthony Varallo, Siamak Vossoughi, Laura Lee Washburn, Charles Harper Webb, Gabe Welsch, Jeremy T. Wilson, and many others.


Introducing Cover For Moon City Review 2021

Introducing the cover of Moon City Review 2021, due out next month! This issue will feature poetry by Cathy Allman, Amanda Auchter, Ruth Bardon, Wendy Barker, Roy Bentley, Ace Boggess, Jo Brachman, Shevaun Brannigan, Ronda Piszk Broatch, Abby Caplin, Nancy Chen Long, Pat Daneman, James Ellengberger, Renee Emerson, Vivian Eyre, Kathy Goodkin, Jonathan Greenhause, Patrick Holian, Alyse Knorr, Lynn Pattison, Charnell Peters, Jennifer Popa, Marnie Ritchie, M.A. Scott, Bret Shepard, Noel Sloboda, Martha Snell, Melissa Studdard, Laura Lee Washburn, Charles Harper Webb, and Gabe Welsch; fiction by Kim Allouche, Maria Alejandra Barrios, Andrew Bertaina, Meagan Cass, Edward Falco, Allie Field Bell, Blake Kimzey, Erica Plouffe Lazure, Kim Magowan, Kathleen McCormick, Emily Morris, Robert Brian Mulder, Paige Powell, Michelle Ross, Nickalus Rupert, Anthony Varallo, Siamak Vossoughi, Jeremy T Wilson, and Joshua Zimmerer; creative nonfiction by Caitlin Feldman, Catherine Haaversen, Andrea Marcusa, Samantha Padett, and Matthew Pitt; student contest winners Mackenzie Morris, Alyssah Morrison, and Habeeb Renfroe; and translations of Muzaffer Kale by Ralph Hubbell and Salgado Maranhao by Alexis Levitin. Throw in some reviews and a fantastic cover design by Shen Chen Hsieh, and that makes for a spectacular issue coming at you soon!

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Andrew Bertaina Wins The 2020 Moon City Short Fiction Award

The editors of Moon City Press are thrilled to announce that Andrew Bertaina of Washington, D.C., has been named winner of the 2020 Moon City Short Fiction Award for his collection One Person Away From You. Bertaina’s book will be published later this year and he will receive the $1000 prize.

Bertaina received his MFA in creative writing from American University. His work has appeared in The Threepenny Review, Witness, Redivider, Tin House (online), and The Best American Poetry. More of his work is available at

We’d like to congratulate the other finalists in the contest as well, which include the following authors:

Amber Wheeler Bacon

Timothy DeLizza

Erin Flanagan

Carrie Grinstead

Michele Finn Johnson

Bradford Kammin

Erica Plouffe Lazure

Nathan Oates

Jan Stinchcomb (runner-up)

Allison Wyss (runner-up)

We thank all the writers who entered the competition and look forward to publishing One Person Away From You, as well as beginning work on the 2021 competition.