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Announcing The Contributors For Moon City Review 2018

We are happy to announce that we are putting the final touches on Moon City Review 2018.

Here is the full line-up of contributors:

Fiction by Adrianne Beer, Gage Saylor, Tom Cardamone, Wendy Oleson, Lucas Southworth, Giovanna Varela, A.R. Robins, Clayton Krollman, Emma Johnson-Rivard, Susan Frith, Leslie Pietrzyk, Karla Keffer, Mary Troy, Saul Lemerond, and Jason Teal.

Poetry by Gary Leising, Eileen Hennessy, Barbara Varanka, Melissa Boston, Charles Harper Webb, Liz Rees, Shelby Dale DeWeese, henry reneau, jr., Jacqueline Rigoni, Lesley Wheeler, Emily O’Neill, Lukas Hall, Robin Cedar, Debra K. Dean, Danèlle Lejeune, Rosalind Kaliden, Melissa Atkinson Mercer, Joshua Michael Stewart, William Kelley Woolfitt, Michael Meyerhofer, Ted Lardner, Ron Riekki, Jennifer Bullis, Naomi Lowinsky, Jo Brachman, Gabe Welsch, Wyatt McMurry, Elizabeth Petersen, Ron Koertge, Aza Pace, George Looney, Clayton Adam Clark, Walter Bargen, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Charlotte Covey, Alyse Bensel, Roy Bentley, Simon Perchik.

Nonfiction by Nicholas Christian, Aholaah Arzah, and Kirby Wright.

Translations of Astrid Cabral and Hisham Bustani.

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Happy Official Release Day For Moon City Review 2017!

Moon City Review 2017 is officially out! After a soft release at AWP in Washington, D.C., copies of our latest issue, published by Moon City Press, are now available. With a wonderful cover photo by local artist and writer Chad Woody, the issue includes work by Sayuri Ayers, Walter Bargen, Sarah Broderick, Thomas Shipp Burnett, Marty Carlock, Mallory Chesser, Steven Chung, Pat Daneman, John Paul Davis, Karen J Donovan, Wendy Drexler, Matt Dube, Sarah Freligh, Kerri French, Sheri Gabbert, John Gifford, Katherine Gordon, Benjamin Harnett, Dwight Hilson, Andy Jameson, Erin Jones, Soon Jones, Sam Killmeyer, Tara Kipnees, Angie Macri, Kim Magowan, John McNally, Michael Meyerhofer, Terry Minchow-Proffitt, Travis Mossotti, Jason Namey, L.W. Nicholson, Daniel Paul, Alita Pirkopf, Osel Jessica Plante, Reba Rice, Staci R. Schoenfeld, Noel Sloboda, Evelyn Somers, David Stevens, Kendra Tanacea, Laura Lee Washburn, Charles Harper Webb, Bronisław Waldstein, Margot Wizansky, Christopher Allen Zakrzewski, and Tara Isabel Zambrano. We are so very proud of this issue!

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