Pre-Order Pablo Piñero Stillmann’s Our Brains And The Brains Of Miniature Sharks

Time to pre-order your copy of Pablo Piñero Stillmann’s awesome debut collection of stories, Our Brains and the Brains of Miniature Sharks, winner of the 2019 Moon City Short Fiction Award! The book is set to release on April 1, but reserve your copy today!

“Pablo Piñero Stillmann’s astonishing stories stun with their punchy sharpness and style, with their deeply layered humor and humanity. Each piece is disarmingly matter-of-fact in its patient excavation of emotional density: mental anguish, generational grief, existential resignation. I burned through Our Brains and the Brains of Miniature Sharks in a day, and you will, too:a genuinely immersive collection from a dazzling writer.”—Joseph Scapellato, author of The Made-Up Man

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