2016 Books From Former Moon City Review Contributors

With the year drawing to a close, the editors of Moon City Review want to recognize all of the former contributors who published books in 2016. Fortunately for all, it is a rather long list, so instead of presenting it all at once, we will do one genre at a time, beginning with fiction:

C.D. Albin, Hard Toward Home (Press 53), short stories

Ace Boggess, A Song Without a Melody: A Novel of the ‘90s (Hyperborea Publishing), novel

Matthew Fogarty, Maybe Mermaids & Robots are Lonely (Stillhouse Press), short stories & novella (including “We Are Swimmers” and “Meteors,” which appeared in MCR 2014)

Katy Resch George, Exposure (Kore Press), short stories

Becky Hagenston, Scavengers (University of Alaska Press), short stories (including “Puppet Town,” which appeared in MCR 2013)

Britt Haraway, Early Men (Lamar University Press), short stories (including “Lilly the Kid,” which appeared in MCR 2015)

Allegra Hyde, Of This New World (Iowa Short Fiction Award, University of Iowa Press), short stories

Richard Newman, Graveyard of the Gods: A Novel (Blank Slate Press), novel

Amber Sparks, The Unfinished World (Liveright), short stories

Of course, there was also Laura Hendrix Ezell‘s story collection, A Record of Our Debts, winner of the 2015 Moon City Short Fiction Award (includes “Fugue,” which appeared in MCR 2016), available here

There are also two former contributors who will publish books in 2017:

Meg Eden, Post-High School Reality Quest (Rare Bird Books), young-adult novel

Michelle Ross, There’s So Much They Haven’t Told You, winner of the 2016 Moon City Short Fiction Award (includes “Rattlesnake Roundup,” which appeared in MCR 2016), available for pre-order here

Congratulations to all for a great year!

Visit the Authors page for a complete list of the work these authors (and many others) contributed to Moon City Review.