More 2016 Books From Former Moon City Review Contributors

Having already honored the former Moon City Review contributors who published book-length works of fiction in 2016, we would now like to do the same for poetry. Here is the impressive list:

Jeffrey Alfier, The Red Stag at Carrbridge (Aldrich Press) and Southbound Express to Bay Head: New Jersey Poems (Grayson Books)

Benny Andersen, Benny Andersen: Selected Poems (Princeton University Press), translated by Alexander Taylor

Darren C. Demaree, Many Full Hands Applauding Inelegantly (8th House Publishing)

Nandini Dhar, Historians of Redundant Moments (Sundress Publications)

Jeannine Hall Gailey, Field Guide to the End of the World, winner of the 2015 Moon City Poetry Award, available here

Donald Illich, The Art of Dissolving (Finishing Line Press)

George Looney, Hermits in Our Own Flesh: The Epistles of an Anonymous Monk (Oloris Publishing)

Sandra Marchetti, Heart Radicals (with Les Kay, Allie Marini, Janeen Pergrin Rastall) (ELJ Publications)

Melanie McCabe, History of the Body (David Robert Books)

Nancy Carol Moody, The House of Nobody Home (FutureCycle Press)

Alan Michael Parker, The Ladder: Poems (Tupelo Press)

Mary Quade, Local Extinctions (Gold Wake Press Collective)

Marc Tretin, Pink Mattress (NYQ Books)

William Trowbridge, Oldguy: Superhero (Red Hen Press)

Also, there are two former contributors with books forthcoming in 2017:

Jim Daniels, Rowing Inland (Wayne State University Press)

Mark Irwin, A Passion According to Green (New Issues Poetry & Prose)

Once again, congratulations to all for a great year!

Visit the Authors page for a complete list of the work these authors (and many others) contributed to Moon City Review.